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Flash Grey Hair Tint Regimen | Kit Flash Cubrecanas

Go bold, not old! Transform grey with our Flash Grey Hair Tint Regimen—color, cleanse, condition!

  • $45.00

Cover your gray hair effectively, get a vibrant color and a more youthful appearance!

The kit includes 3 products, choose your favorite option:

(1)   Flash Grey Hair Tint - Choose your color: 

     -Dark Brown, Caramel, Medium Blonde, Blonde, Chocolate, Burgundy, Copper, Honey and Silver. More Info.

(1)  Shampoo 8.12 fl oz  - Choose your shampoo:

    -Rosemary and Quinine Shampoo | Shampoo de Romero y Quina. More Info.

    -Oat Shampoo | Shampoo de Avena. More Info.

    -Coconut Oil and Milk Shampoo | Shampoo con Leche y Aceite de Coco. More Info.

    -Smart Sleek | Lisso Inteligente Shampoo More Info.

    -Vita-Growth Coffee Shampoo | Shampoo Vitacrecepelo de Cafe More Info.

(1)  Avocado Oil and Keratin Hair Conditioner | Tratamiento Capilar con Aceite de Aguacate y Keratina More Info.


1. Wash your hair with any of our salt free shampoos. On the day you apply the Flash, do NOT use conditioner, styling cream, oils, etc., as we need the hair fiber to be completely clean.

2. After having the hair fiber 100% clean and dry, you should generously apply the Flash Gray Hair Coverage, especially if it's the first application! Focus the application on the areas where you have grey hair, cover your hair with the plastic cap included in the box, let the product sit for 50 minutes. Remove the cap and spread the product from where you applied it to the tips. Let it sit for the remaining ten minutes, in order to tone the rest of the hair, and remove with cold water only.

3. Apply conditioner and rinse with cold water.

Re-Apply the product according to grey hair growth or as often as necessary. Remember, there are no contraindications if you want to use it every eight, fifteen days, or once a month, as this depends on you.

Done! Greys covered naturally, keeping your hair hydrated, soft, and beautiful.

Discover a hair care fusion designed to cover your gray hair and take care of it. Includes salt – free shampoo (according to your needs) and conditioner to protect from UV radiation.

Find the ingredients for each product:

(1)   Flash Grey Hair Tint -

     -Dark Brown, Caramel, Medium Blonde, Blonde, Chocolate, Burgundy, Copper, Honey and Silver. More Info.

(1)  Shampoos  -

    -Rosemary and Quinine Shampoo More Info.

    -Oat Shampoo More Info.

    -Coconut Oil and Milk Shampoo More Info.

    -Smart Sleek More Info.

    -Vita-Growth Coffee Shampoo More Info.

(1)  Avocado Oil and Keratin Hair Conditioner More Info.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is.

You should leave it for one hour except for the silver color, which should be left for 20 minutes.

Our 'Flash' Grey Hair cover can be used over other permanent hair colors. However, results may vary. Try it in a small area, before applying it in all desired areas.

With 100% clean and dry hair, apply the product from the roots, divide the hair in sections. Let it work for an hour with the plastic cap on and then rinse with water only. If your hair is already dyed, add the product to the ends with 10 to 15 minutes left to complete the hour, this way it will tone perfectly.

Our 'Flash' Grey Hair colors can be mixed together.

Depending on your grey hair growth, it should be every 4 to 6

No, it does not.