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Smart Sleek Kit | Lisso Inteligente Kit

Unlock the secret to sleek, flawless hair with our Smart Sleek Kit—your ultimate styling solution!

  • $47.00

Thermo-Protector Treatment seals damaged hair and split ends. Controls frizz and leaves hair more manageable.

The kit includes 3 products:

(1)  Smart Sleek Shampoo 16.9 Fl Oz | Shampoo Lisso Inteligente. More Info.

(1)  Smart Sleek Leave-in Conditioner 8.1 Fl oz. | Lisso Inteligente Tratamiento More Info.

(1)  Repolarizing Hair Treatment with Plant Stem Cells  8.45 Fl oz | Tratamiento Repolarizador con celulas madres. More Info.

1. Divide dry hair into sections, apply the Repolarizing Treatment with plant stem cells from mid-lengths to ends until it is fully applied.
Method #1
Wrap the strands in aluminum foil. Place the flat iron over the foil-wrapped strands for 2 seconds. Remove the aluminum foil and rinse the hair thoroughly with water.
Method #2
Cover the hair with a thermal cap, wait 20 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

2. Apply Smart Sleek | Lisso Inteligente Shampoo to wet hair, massage through, and leave on for 2 to 5 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water. Dry your hair with a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt,

3. Apply Smart Sleek | Lisso Inteligente Leave-In Keratin Treatment focusing on the mid-length and ends. Gently massage the product into your hair in a downwards motion for 30 seconds. DO NOT
RINSE! It will take you only 10 minutes to brush or style your hair.

* Progressively straightens the hair without damaging it, reducing frizz and volume.

* Restores vitality to the hair.

* Seals the cuticle of each strand, detangles, adds shine and softness, and provides healthier hair.

* Moisturizes and helps repair hair damaged by chemical processes and sun exposure.

*Prevents hair fibers from breaking and reduces frizz in the hair.

Frequently asked questions

Our products have a very gentle chemical composition and do not contain sulfates that harm the hair fiber.

Our products contain a large base of natural ingredients; however, they are not 100% natural.