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Rosemary and Quinine Shampoo

Stop hair loss in its tracks with our Rosemary and Quinine Shampoo—fortify your roots today!

  • $15.00

Our Rosemary and Quinine Shampoo is the perfect solution for fortifying, stimulating growth, and maintaining the strength and luxurious silkiness of your hair.

This product is made for daily use and for all ages.

Thoroughly wet hair and lather a quarter size amount of Rosemary and Quinine Shampoo in hands. Work Shampoo into roots and anywhere hair touches the scalp. Rinse with cold water to close hair cuticle and add shine.

  • Stimulate Hair Growth
  • Dandruff Control
  • Strengthening/ Prevent breakage
  • Remove excess oil and buildup
  • Improves Shine

Rosemary:  Not only does Rosemary help prevent hair loss, but it also promotes overall hair thickness. Treat your scalp, defy premature graying, and say goodbye to dandruff as rosemary becomes your hair's loyal ally. 

Quinine (derived Cinchona tree): Derived from the Cinchona tree, this ingredient promotes hair growth, fortifies strands, and enhances hair texture, offering a holistic approach to a healthier, more vibrant mane.

Active Ingredients: Rosemary and Quinine Extract

Frequently asked questions

Our shampoos have a very gentle chemical composition and do not contain sulfates that harm the hair fiber.

Our products contain a large base of natural ingredients; however, they are not 100% natural.